Compact units

Our compact HVAC units are built according to the needs of our customers. A compact unit allows the customer to have the complete system within one physical unit.


Compact units will often require more robust materials as the unit are more exposed to ambient conditions.




  • A compact unit can be supplied pre-filled with refrigerant and terminated
  • The design allows you to move the unit out of a room (e.g. cabin) thus reducing noise inside the room and free up space
  • A compact unit is service friendly, as it is easier to both replacing a compact unit as well as perform maintenance on one individual component


Customized to meet your needs


We understand that our customers have different needs. Therefore we can customize our units to build something that you need.


  • Single unit or series production
  • Typically 1 – 100 kW cooling capacity
  • EX components to meet various EX requirements
  • Material quality
  • Recirculated air, pure fresh air or a mixed solution
  • Heating
  • Air cooled or water cooled condensor
  • Physical dimensions
  • Documentation and certificate requirements
  • Voltage


We can also help you set up your unit or provide you with training to make your personnel comfortable in servicing your unit.


Since 1996, we have delivered over 6.500 compact units across a broad range of industries across the world.

Product Data sheets


Multiple uses / Container

KKAC 350

AC 350C – 250C

HVAC 550 Telecom


Rooftop units

EL 2000

HY 2000

AC 650





High temperature units





Vertical mounting

AC 500


Ex HVAC units

Ex Compact unit 2,5 kW – 4 kW

Ex Compact unit 6 kW – 9 kW

Ex Compact unit 11 kW – 15 kW


Window units

AC 350W



HV 500

HV 250

HV 408

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