Air cleaners & filters

Clean air in cabins is a necessity for a good and healthy working environment. We supply air cleaners and filters to help you deliver the clean air you need in your operations.


Below you can learn more about the air cleaners and filters we deliver.


Air Cleaners


Our standard air cleaners are built with flexibility in mind, to allow for our customers to position the unit on a desired location.


Our air cleaners are used across a broad range of applications such as vehicles, containers and other enclosed spaces.


The air filters can be delivered with different options

  • Voltage
  • Electrical or water-heater
  • Various filter combinations




We supply filters for various applications, depending on the level of filtration needed

  • Coarse filters
  • Fine filters
  • Micro filters
  • Chemical filters
  • Charcoal filters

Product Data sheets



LR 525



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