• Compact units

  • Split units

  • Evaporators and condensers

  • Air cleaners / filters

Meeting your needs

We understand that your operations are unique. Therefore, we will find a solution that works specifically for you. Our engineers will work with you to design a product that will meet your requirements, and will make sure that you get a product where you can be sure of the quality. On time.

Training and support

Your business is not HVAC, its ours. Therefore, we provide training and courses to ensure that your personnel are comfortable operating and maintaining our units. We can also help you set up your new unit at your site, should you not have the necessary competence in-house.


Should you be in need of support – contact us to get help from our professionals.

Easy maintenance

You need accessible components and ease of maintenance. We understand this, and that is why our products are built with high quality products from the very best producers and with the maintenance personell in mind.

Resetting your unit – increasing your ROI

We can give your HVAC unit a second life. MKK provides alternatives for keeping your temperature under control, and your cost low.


MKK technicians will dismantle, inspect, reconstruct and test your HVAC unit before sending it back to you. You can start a new production cycle with your unit, for a fraction of the price.