Extreme temperatures. Dust. Corrosive gasses. We deliver clean and cool air.

MKK produces solutions for cranes and vehicles in the smelter industry. This was the foundation of which MKK was built, and consequently, we have extensive experience, a broad customer base and proven products.


Customer demands

Equipment and personell in the smelter industry must endure high ambient temperatures and pollution in the form of dust and highly corrosive gases and liquids.


Smelter customers demands reliability to prevent any downtime on their equipment, serviceability to enable in-house service and good solutions for replacement of units.


The value we deliver

MKK has extensive experience from the industry. We have supplied large smelters with AC solutions across the globe since 1996.


We have products that are tried and tested and are developed for easy maintenance. Several of our smelter customers also take advantage of our resetting service to reduce cost and maximize operational reliability.


We make sure that your personell and equipment can operate in clean air, under acceptable temperatures.

MKK’s foundation is built on HVAC solutions for the smelter industry

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