Extreme conditions. Extreme requirements.

MKK produces solutions for military grade equipment. Our experience from the offshore industry with focus on durability, material quality and EX was an important starting point when developing solutions for military operations.



Customer demands

The military operates in all sorts of ambient conditions, depending on the operations they are involved in. Consequently, they need products that can cope with a broad range of climatic conditions.

Further, our military customers are concerned about light materials to ensure mobility and flexibility. Our products are often used by the military as multipurpose HVAC units, meaning they can be used on different vehicles, depending on their needs.



The value we deliver

MKK has extensive experience from the industry. We have delivered units that control temperature and humidity for explosives, fuel and personnel. Our products have been in operation in many places around the world, including Afghanistan.

Our customers approach us because they are certain that our products will cope with the conditions they are exposed to in military operations around the world.