Heavy Industry Vehicles

Heavy Industry Vehicles

Vehicles are needed for production in all sorts of ambient conditions. We make sure the personell are comfortable.

MKK produces solutions for special mobile vehicles that operate in demanding ambient conditions. We deliver both standardized and customized HVAC solutions.


Customer demands

Vehicles in various heavy industries operate in a range of demanding conditions, from mining to smelters. Consequently, vehicle owners need HVAC units that are able to keep their personnel comfortable despite operating in harsh conditions.

The vehicle is the office of an operator, who works long hours under tough conditions. In order to have efficient operations, the office needs to be comfortable for the operator.

The customers demands reliability to prevent downtime and serviceability to enable in-house service or easy replacement of the HVAC units.

The value we deliver

MKK has extensive experience from the industry. We have supplied vehicles with AC solutions globally since 1996.

MKK have products that are tried and tested and are developed for easy maintentance. We supply both customized units for the individual vehicle as well as standardized products that fit most vehicles in the industry.

We have supplied industry vehicles with AC solutions globally since 1996

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