Green Rig Project for Odfjell Drilling

About This Project

Our partner Odfjell Drilling work on energy reducing projects on their rigs. In March of 2020 they startet work on the “Green Rig Project”.


The first rig out was Deepsea Atlantic, where MKK was chosen for the engineering and building of an ATEX Zone 2 AC Unit. In this project, the first Powerblade Hybrid system was installed, delivered by National Oilwell .


For a video description check out:


NOV’s PowerBlade system uses a rotating mechanical device, also known as a flywheel, that generates kinetic energy as the draw works / Cranes are in motion. PowerBlade works by absorbing the braking energy emitted when a drill string is lowered, storing it, and then reusing that energy for the next hoist of the drill string. This minimizes the need for diesel generators during peak demand hours and, by extension, reducing CO2 emissions.


The MKK AC Unit ensures proper operating conditions in two Grid Containers connected to the Power Blade system. It cools the heat load and keep constant overpressure in the containers.
The AC system is currently undergoing commissioning at Deepsea Atlantic.