BW Offshore

About This Project

MKK has delivered several AHU HVAC units for both Espoir Ivoirien and Sendje Berge, owned by BW Offshore.

FPSO vessel Espoir Ivoirien, is operating on the Espoir field offshore Ivory Coast. It has an oil production capacity of 45,000 bbl/d and storage capacity of 1,100,000 bbl. Oil from the Espoir east and west reservoir is processed and offloaded from the FPSO Epoir Ivoirien, which is located between the two wellhead towers. Espoir is connected to the towers by flow lines.

FPSO Sendje Berge, is operating on the Okwori field, offshore Nigeria coast. It has an oil production capasity of 60,000 bbl/d, storage capacity of 2,000,000 bbl and gas injection capacisy of 55 mmscfd.


Customized AHU and HVAC

Scope of our participant has included several AHU and HVAC systems for various purpose. Our units secure stable operating conditions for both personnel and equipment. Combined with open deck mounting, and the rough and relentless environment we face on the open sea, MKK has constructed these units in stainless steel AISI 316, equipped with epoxy treated evaporator and condenser. With use of high quality components, our units are designed for excellent performance and long lifetime regardless of the circumstances.

Our specialty is to make HVAC Equipment on customers demand, based on space, capacity and functionality. In this project, we customized everything to secure reliability and optimal performance.