COVID – 19

COVID 19 virus

COVID – 19

Dear valued customer and partners.

Due to the extraordinary situation we are faced with, MKK has taken strong measures to safeguard our staff and production, and we are currently fully operational. As always, we do our best to secure stability in operating conditions for our customers for both personnel and equipment.

The COVID-19 situation is at present unpredictable. MKK has implemented measures to prevent the transmission and spread of the virus for our employees and our surroundings. We have seized all travels and physical meetings, but we are available for you on the phone as well as teams-meetings from our home offices.


Price and delivery time.

Although we have a good delivery capacity as of today and have not yet made any price adjustments, we want to inform our customers and partners that we are in a situation of Force Majeure. Some of our suppliers and freight forwarders have reported that they may have trouble delivering products and services at the agreed time and service level. While several of our manufacturers / suppliers have notified significant price adjustments due to COVID-19 and the currency situation as a result of exceptional conditions around the world.

We have not yet seen the full extent of this pandemic, so we urge you to:

  • Schedule purchases of goods and services as early as possible.
  • Take into account somewhat longer delivery times and larger currency fluctuations than normal.

This will provide increased predictability and the opportunity for good planning for both parties.

Any questions?
Feel free to reach out to your contact person at MKK if you have any questions or concerns. You can find all details here:


Best regards

Ann-Helen Baadstrand