MKK and SINTEF Energy collaborate to create world-class innovation

Markedssjef Thomas Ørstad, Prosjektingeniør Egil Halse, Teknisk sjef Terje Salomonsen, og Daglig leder Ann-Helen Baadstrand

MKK and SINTEF Energy collaborate to create world-class innovation

MKK will collaborate with SINTEF Energy to locate more environmentally friendly refrigerants in high-temperature air conditioning systems (AC systems).

MKK specializes, among other things, in supplying high-temperature AC systems to the smelter industry globally. In collaboration with SINTEF Energy, they will research new refrigerants for the AC units. This is to accommodate the customers need for more sustainable solutions. Today, many of the refrigerants have a high CO2 emission, and the goal of working with SINTEF Energy is to find more environmentally friendly alternatives.

After exploring different options the choice have fallen on a researcher from the SINTEF community; Christian Schlemminger. He has cutting-edge expertise in research and development of systems and components in HVAC technology, and leads, among other things, compressor research at the FME HighEFF research center.

“I look forward to the task! Developing sustainable solutions for and together with Norwegian and international industry is our main task at SINTEF”, says Schlemminger.

MKK are quite excited about this collaboration and we look forward to offering even better and more sustainable solutions to our customers.

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