Eramet chooses another AC unit delivered by MKK AS

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Eramet chooses another AC unit delivered by MKK AS

Eramet selects solutions based on experience

Eramet is the world’s second largest producer of high-grade manganese ore. One of their processing plant in Norway has used crane cooling AC units from MKK since early 2000’s.

Almost 30 Years of experience has enabled MKK to design and manufacture one of the industries most reliable and carefully thought out AC systems for smelter industry.
Both the product and the maintenance routine could lead to zero stop time on production critical systems.
The result is not only lower maintenance cost, but also a safer and stable production.

MKK make not only reliable AC systems, we make the whole process bulletproof. By having procedures for each individual situation that could occur, we prepare our customer for future challenges.

From spare parts to maintenance schedule, MKK have the solutions.


Quality and simplicity key to success


As Alcoa and Hydro that is our largest smelter customers, mostly smelters have not the capability or the need to hire their own HVAC engineer to perform maintenance and service.

MKK design and supply turn-key products that are easy to maintain. With possibilities of fast and easy replacement if a failure.
A mechanic and electrician could easily mount and demount a system in a short time. Then by having a spare AC unit compatible with multiple cranes and vehicles, the stop time if a failure is as low as possible.

By simplicity and quality MKK design AC units that make the everyday life to a maintenance engineer as easy and predicted as possible.

High-tech solutions and fragile gadgetry are not any components a maintenance engineer would find in High-temp crane cooling units from MKK.
We make our High-temp units easy to troubleshoot and keep up with. By using robust components and reliable contactors, one can trust that the solutions is easy to troubleshoot and will last for a long time.


Lowest possible TCO and highest possible ROI with sustainability as a bonus.


TCO and ROI are a topic that deals with the return value over time in the first place. However, by choosing AC units from MKK, our customers will also help build an environmentally future by sustainable products.
We do not make products with the goal of being the least expensive. Consumerism is not a sustainable solution, or for that matter not a god economical solution in the end.
Our units is designed and built to have multiple lives.

Inside a smelter, an AC unit is exposed to extreme harsh environment to operate in.
Cranes and vehicles in smelters often works in temperatures up to 80°C, and the air particles is corrosive towards most metals.
Clogging and corrosion is mostly the repeated cause of failure.
AC systems from MKK is designed to handle such an environment. With new compressor technology and coils designed to survive in a smelter, the lifetime is more than satisfying.

Inevitably, our AC unit will also need greater service or renovation.
The refrigeration circuit and its associated cooling coils will corrode over time and require replacement.
When this happened, the AC unit can be returned to MKK and undergo a renovation that involves a new life at a greatly reduced cost.
This means that all parts and components that have to be replaced will be recycled. While components that have a longer service life, such as chassis and compressor will not be replaced unnecessarily.


Very high temperature crane cooling for corrosive environment


With possible operations temperature up to 80°C, this AC unit is particularly adapted to
extremely difficult industrial environments like: foundry, ironworks, steel plant, aluminum smelters, bridge crane, etc.

For this delivery, there were numbers of factors that played an important part in the design.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Polluted air that is excessive corrosive, and can easily cause clogging

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