New Product – Windows unit AC 3,0

through the wall cooling

New Product – Windows unit AC 3,0

Windows unit AC 3,0

Replacement through wall AC unit, adapted to suit Molde Crane / National Oilwell Varco – NOV crane cabins.
Because of plug & play connection, windows unit AC 3,0 is easy and affordable to refit offshore crane cabins with new AC unit.

This through-the-wall AC unit is built to endure the harsh environment occurring in the offshore / marine industry.
The design is all welded/bolted chassis type stainless steel 316, with copper/copper condenser and epoxy coated evaporator. Use of well-proven quality components result in a long-term performance, and corrosion resistant air conditioning unit.


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In addition, the windows unit is equipped with an EC evaporator fan that allows steppless adjustments of the airflow, out of desire or required cooling.

An EC fan gives you on average a 30% energy saving comparing to permanent magnet AC fans. In addition to a quieter environment for the operator.
Therefor we could conclude that this windows unit is an energy efficient and highly comfortable AC unit.

Offshore projects require special knowledge about offshore rules and regulations, in addition to understand the individual customer.
When customer approach us with wishes like easy and affordable, durable and energy efficient, and we combine these wishes with offshore regulations, then we have a challenge we like.
Because of all off all these requirements, our engineer designed a solution that led to a plug and play windows unit.

The unit is also available for customization and can be built according to the specifications of the customer.


Product data sheet here

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