On-site services


On-site services

MKK take good care of our clients, and they can rely on our global service capability. We support with our personal service and proactive advice. Before, during and after developing a system to our clients.


On-site services – when and where you need it.

Our highly educated service technicians, projects engineers and project managers are always ready to assist you in finding solutions on your challenges, all around the globe.

Condition – report

Reports are tailored to specific requirements, typically describing the systems condition, maintenance issues and operational issues. These reports will also contain suggestions for solutions with specified cost for each proposal

Annual service

You should not drive your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil. The same logic holds true for your HVAC system. Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. When buying systems from MKK, a service booklet will always follow your systems that specify what service is needed and when.


Your business is not HVAC, it’s ours.
MKK is specialized and has extensive experience in customized HVAC, therefor we could also customize the training so it suits your business exactly. We provide this training and courses to ensure that your personnel are comfortable operating and maintaining our units.

Maintenance and repair

When MKK design systems, we always focus on right quality and TCO (total cost of ownership) by preparing our units for when these systems need maintenance and/or repair.
They are also build with a second life in our mind. We can give all our units a second life by dismantle, inspect and change parts for this system to have a second life. This solution will give you a good as new system for a fraction of the price.
Clearly, the two major elements in TCO are the capital cost and the operation cost. However, owners need also to consider downtime cost include tangible expenses, loss of productivity, cost of emergency repairs, disruption and inconvenience.


Regardless of size and complexity, we take care of our customers from the beginning to the end of every project.
MKK can perform or support the commissioning of all our systems, globally.


We offer our service and expertise at any stage of a project.

Whenever a system malfunction occurs, MKK can be contacted at +4775113090 or post@mkk.ac

HVAC Installation

video illustration of the installation

Condition-Report and Maintenance