High temperature cooling unit

crane cooling

High temperature cooling unit

Very high temperature crane cooling for corrosive environment

With possible operations temperature up to 80°C, this AC unit is particularly adapted to extremely difficult industrial environments like: foundry, ironworks, steel plant, aluminum smelters, bridge crane, etc.

For this delivery, there were numbers of factors that played an important part in the design.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Polluted air that is excessive corrosive, and can easily cause clogging


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Corrosion, and leakage cause corrosion is often the mainly reason of failure in HVAC units

If corrosion occurs without any corrective or preventative measures, performance can decrease by up to 80%. When testing a bare aluminium coil facing the ocean and sandy winds, the performance decreased by 78% in only 13 months cause of the corrosion.

Since the weakest link in a cooling system within industries like smelters is the heat exchanger coil, protecting this with Blygold would add multiple years to its lifetime.

Blygold themselves says that you could expect triples lifetime with this solution.

Blygold is an anti-corrosion treatment with no performance loss, and has an operating temperature range from -50°C to 180°C.

Usually we counteract the possibility of corrosion by using higher specification material such as copper. With Blygold treatment there is significant potential for reducing the overall weight of the coil in addition to corrosion protection.

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