aluminums smelter air conditioning

Industrial HVAC units delivered to Hydro’s pilot plant

Hydro specifies that the cooling system shall be of MKK standard.


MKK has trough Crane manufacturer, vehicle manufacturer and machine manufacturer supplied many AC units and Air filtration units to Hydros pilot project at Karmøy.

When planning the pilot project, Hydro specified that all cranes and vehicles should be delivered with AC units from MKK.
The reason is simple. For many years, Hydro has gained great experience with our products and solutions. They know that in order to deliver world-class aluminum, you must have reliable equipment and streamline every single operation.

Inside an aluminum smelter, it is like a war zone for electrical Equipment and AC units. Corrosion, dust and psychical stresses is the everyday life for any Equipment within this industry. Focus on quality, good maintenance and great solutions when the Equipment needs servicing and repair, is essential to achieve good result.
MKK Air-conditioning units designed for aluminum smelters is manufactured within the highest of industry standards to suit the harshest of industrial conditions. Designed and engineered to withstand extreme ambient temperatures up to 70°C, excessive shock, vibrations and hazardous atmospheres. Equipment from MKK can assist to resolve health and safety working conditions by providing a containment free, air-conditioned space.

The MKK air conditioning brand includes a complete range of customized air conditioning equipment. With products suited for all industrial processing and smelter applications in any part of the world.

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