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New Product – AC 350C and 250C

AC 350 / 250C

Because a New series Production, MKK could now present an inexpensive multiple uses AC unit.

AC 350C and 250C is a compact AC – system that is developed for multiple usage in various industries.
The system is compressed as much as possible due to easy and multiple mounting option. With the possibility for only recirculated air, or fresh air, these units could be used in everything from electro containers to personnel cabins.

AC 350C and AC 250C is built with usage of stainless steel AISI 304, and quality Components, to ensure high performance regardless external influence and environment. Options like weather protection cap, external temperature sensor and Controller, combined with epoxy painted CU/AL evaporator, or CU/CU evaporator and condenser in CU/CU. Make these AC units suitable for mounting outside every cabin or electro rooms regardless of your industry.


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