Telecom HVAC due to national emergency plans

Telecom HVAC due to national emergency plans

Through one of our regular customers, MKK helped to ensure optimal working conditions for electronic communication equipment.

Norwegian government has a strict regulation within safety and emergency in Norway’s most important infrastructure for electronic communications networks.

In the national emergency communication plan, is it described that that by crisis or war, should the populations be alerted through radio signals. In addition, with a future extinction of today’s FM network, new emergency plans is prepared and implemented. This is to ensure further secure emergency communications when needed.

The emergency plan contained elements that made standardized cooling systems not an option.

MKK was then contacted to design and construct a HVAC-system, which met all the requirements.


This HVAC system is designed with a strong focus on reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements. It is also fully integrated with Dantherms control systems, so that different systems can work together on common goals.

In this case, the communication device is primarily cooled with use of free cooling. However, if operating conditions change, and increase the demands for cooling or heating, these systems communicate so that our HVAC-unit starts and ensures further optimal working conditions.


With this solution has MKK, extended the option of use for free cooling to situations where low power consumption, lightweight, and compact devices is a very important element.

The end customer, with their demands and desires, are very well looked after. And we are all very happy with the result.