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Customized ATEX HVAC for GMS Evolution – Oil & Gas

MKK recently completed a delivery of total 150kW ATEX HVAC to end customer GMS. Installed on their new built vessel Evolution.

Consisting of various devices, a total number of six HVAC units with Sea Water condensers, included fresh air supply equipped with gas detectors, is now installed on the Evolution.

Cost-efficient vessle

GMS Evolution is a self-propelled, self-elevating accommodation jackup barge (SESV), with capabilities housing up to 276 personnel with its own hospital and conference room.

Its legs stretches up to 104 meters, and could work in water up to 80 meters depth. Combined with a 200 tons crane, it is an impressive and innovating construction.

Vessels like the Evolution, with the ability to move between locations in the field, without requiring tugs or other support vessels. Could introduce a more cost-efficient oil & gas platform installation, refurbishment and maintenance.

MKK’s contribution

Our responsibility has been to ensure safe and stable working environment, for both personnel and electro rooms.

Delivering quality HVAC units designed for DCC, LER and MUD LER, with ambient temperature up to 40°C, 70% R.H., water temperature up to 39°C, we at MKK could proudly announce our contribution to this “Evolution”.

We at MKK are flexible and always strive for complete customer satisfaction. At this project, our customer was in need of earlier delivery than first established. With in mind that some of the parts used in these units had a deliver time of 8 weeks, we cut down the production time from 16 to 12 weeks. With a fast reorganization of production line, and extended workday, we fulfilled our clients wish and delivered 4 weeks before deadline.


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