New Railway HVAC units going to Switzerland

New Railway HVAC units going to Switzerland

MKK has delivered a total of 50 New railway HVAC units for passenger compartment and driver’s cabin. These railway HVAC-systems are now sent to Switzerland, where they will be mounted on different trains for a highly recognized rail Company.

X126B climate system has two main tasks. Heating / cooling of the passenger compartment and driver’s cabin to a pleasantly temperate indoor climate, regardless of outdoor circumstances. And ventilation of outside air to provide fresh and clean air affecting health, comfort and productivity.

This HVAC-system is based on a roof mounted light weight unit with direct expansion of the refrigerant. Tailor made after customers wishes, Integrated into locomotive design. Chassis and compressor is constructed in aluminum due to weight focus.

X126B has a total heating capacity of 19kW and 26kW cooling capacity. It is also designed for easy service access and installation.

MKK has over 30 years acquired an impressive portfolio and expertise in our field. Naturally, we always want to expand our customer base, and therefore this request. Our greatest wish for our customers is to either be able to cut costs, or provide better products that lead to greater customer satisfaction.

MKK merged with Bon Air Sweden in 2008, and has since then strengthened the company’s position in the railway marked. Moreover, with the benefit of experience across companies, we are able to increase the product range further while increasing quality.

Despite numerous of large orders and steady customers, we always has room for new relationships and new Projects. Contact Us