MKK and its subsidiary Bon Air Sweden are integrating to become more competitive

Bon Air Sweden AB is a subsidiary of MKK and has been operating out of Stockholm, Sweden – catering to railway and special mobile vehicle customers. The two companies have been working closely over the last few years on projects and other business operations.

To fully realize the latent synergy effects, Bon Air and MKK are now integrating more closely both in terms of operational excellence as well as product development.

Further, Bon Air Sweden AB are moving the production out of Stockholm and into new and modern production facilities in Storuman, Sweden. In the new facilities, Bon Air will be better able to expand its production and warehouse operations as part of our joint growth strategy. Bon Air Sweden and MKK will continue its presence in Stockholm through our sales office.

In essence, this means that Bon Air’s administrative functions will be situated together with MKK in Mosjøen, Norway, whereas production and warehousing will be in Storuman, Sweden. Bon Air Sweden will continue to be a Swedish registered company with company number 556737-4763.

The change will be effective from March 1st.
If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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