We help customers across a broad range of industries control temperatures in challenging conditions.


Our mission is to create value for our customers through securing stabile operating conditions for personell and equipment. We make it happen with the best HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) solutions, customized for the individual customer and built to endure any condition.


Our experience spans demanding industries enabling innovation through cross-pollination of ideas. Your operations are difficult. You need to perform and require fully-adapted equipment that ensures complete temperature control.


Effective operations require temperature control. Our products help our customers keep an effective operation, regardless of the ambient conditions.


Due to the extraordinary situation we are faced with, MKK has taken strong measu...


Our consulting service go beyond sharing our know-how in the world of AC / air conditioning. By supporting you in all Strategic decisions, we can increase your profitability and competitiveness by improving the operating conditions for personnel and technical Equipment.
Your business is not HVAC, it is ours.
Therefore, we provide training and courses to Ensure that your personnel are comfortable operating and maintaining our units. We could also help you set up Your New unit at your site.


Proposing HVAC solutions that allow us to fulfill our clients requirements already at the design stage, is essential. That is why every step that leads the realization of your desired function is carefully analyzed.
Every HVAC units from MKK is designed with easy maintenance in focus. You need accessible components, and ease of maintenance. This is why we use high quality products from the very best producers.

Quality is constantly monitored

MKK provides ventilation, heating and air conditioning to multiple industries. Each unique customer has their own requirements and purposes of design and performance, but everyone is entitled to reliable quality. Here at MKK all Production stages are carefully monitored, this is to guarantee the highest quality of designing and manufacturing into every air conditioning unit.

Flexible flow management

Our Production flow is adapted to the deadline and manufacturing patterns of our customers.

Competitivness also in the cost

With almost 30 years of experience, we use our expertise and experienced staff to optimize efficient Production. This combined with the optimization of Resources allows us to find optimal solution also economically.