Team | MKK
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The team

MKK boasts highly talented people driving innovation and service forward. Each bring unique talents to a team that’s passionate about growing the company through customer success. This team is our most important asset.


Head office & Production



Tommy Brataas

General Manager & Project Manager Crane, Smelter & Vehicles

Øyvind Krüger

Production & Assembly

Kristian Lie

Production & Assembly

Kåre Engås

Production & Assembly

Stine Eriksen

Financial Manager

Egil Halse

Project Manager, Offshore

Bjørnar Skar

Warehouse & Logistics

Eivind Brandser

Production & Assembly

Terje Salomonsen

Head of Technical & Project Manager Offshore

Grethe Arctander

Procurement & Logistics

Svein Langmo

Production & Assembly

Thomas Ørstad

Head of Sales and Marketing

Raymond E. Sandvik

Production & Assembly

Alexander Fjølstad

Production & Assembly


Production and Distribution


Andreas Pante

Production & Assembly

Jörgen Henriksson

Production & Assembly

Work at MKK

MKK relies on competent and forward-leaning individuals to create value for our customers. Send us an e-mail to let us know how you can make a difference at MKK.