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15 Aug HVAC Engineer

We are Hiring, come join us!

MKK AS, designs, develops and manufactures customized HVAC systems for the global market. With over 20 year of experience, we specialize in temperature control in demanding working conditions. Our product range is comprehensive and our flexibility and approach allow us to meet most customer needs.

You could find MKK units across the globe; from the Middle Eastern dessert to Antarctica.

MKK was established in Mosjøen, Norway in 1996 and has since then grown to become a global supplier of customized HVAC solutions.
We are proud to deliver products essential to maintain productivity and stability in some of the world’s most demanding industries and conditions.
Our goal is to control temperature, regardless of the ambient conditions.

Read our Company Presentation for more information.


MKK are in great growth and need an HVAC engineer who thrives on technology and further development of HVAC systems to the best of our customers

The position includes production, commissioning and service on HVAC systems.
Development and improvement of existing facilities, as well as being part of a team for product development.
The position requires that you focus on quality and perform the work independently and systematically.
The right person will get good development opportunities and become part of our good working environment. We offer competitive terms.



Wanted qualifications:

– Educated HVAC Engineer or all-round experience in the field of study
– Experience with maintenance, commissioning and troubleshooting of HVAC systems
– Experience or education within electro
– Good data and IT knowledge
– Driver license


We are currently 18 employees, and experiencing a huge increase and demand from our customers.
The head office is located in Mosjøen, Norway, but we also have a branch / subsidiary in Storuman, Sweden.
The company develops environmentally friendly solutions for our customers, and we have clear goals for further growth and development in all market areas.
The company is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001.

We wish to further develop our business and seek you who can bring our company good qualities in accordance with our values and goals.

Questions regarding the position can be directed to:

General Manager
Tommy Brataas
+47 96626849